High quality care

Our experienced team provides the highest quality care, using treatments that are backed by the latest research and sensitive to the developmental changes and transitions that children, families, and adults navigate.


Therapy for modern life

We work to tailor our evidence-based treatments to meet demands of modern life – navigating the busy schedules, balancing multiple demands and competing priorities, and navigating stresses of the digital world.


We provide high quality psychological care backed by the latest research and tailored to your needs.


Developmentally-informed and family-inclusive therapy and assessment services for children from infancy through adolescence.


Therapy and assessment services for adolescents, college students, and young adults who are transitioning to adult independence.


Therapy and assessment services for adults who are navigating the broad array of life challenges.

Our team is here to help.

Our Upper Dublin Team,
Michael Cassano, Ph.D., Director

Our Media Team,
Mary Rourke, Ph.D., Director

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