We provide high quality psychological care backed by the latest research and tailored to your needs.

What we do

Most broadly, we provide psychological services that aim to understand a person’s strengths and challenges as the intersection of development, individual psychological and neuropsychological factors, and social and environmental forces. We use this lens to provide an array of services:

  • Therapy: We provide individual and/or family therapy across the age span to help individuals, parents, and families navigate the wide range of challenges that get in our way. We have expertise in the wide range of issues that often bring children, families, and adults to seek therapy, including anxiety, ADHD, depression, family conflict, behavior challenges, coping with medical illness, trauma, grief and loss, and school difficulties. We often work collaboratively with important people in the lives of clients, including family members, school teams, and medical teams.
  • Assessment: We provide a range of different assessment options for children, adolescents, and adults, including assessment for ADHD, assessment for diagnostic clarity, psychoeducational assessment, neuropsychological assessment, language evaluations, and early childhood assessment.
  • Executive Function Coaching: Our team of psychologists includes professionals who are also certified as school psychologists in Pennsylvania and who have specific experience understanding executive function challenges and developing appropriate support and interventions.
  • Professional supervision: We offer hourly supervision for new or experienced clinicians. Contact Dr. Cassano or Dr. Rourke directly for more information.

We provide high quality psychological care backed by the latest research and tailored to your needs.


Developmentally-informed and family-inclusive therapy and assessment services for children from infancy through adolescence.


Therapy and assessment services for adolescents, college students, and young adults who are transitioning to adult independence.


Therapy and assessment services for adults who are navigating the broad array of life challenges.

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