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Director of the Media Office

Dr. Mary Rourke, Ph.D.

Phone: 484-440-9740, ext. 701

Email: rourke@dragonflypsych.com


Media, PA



Licensed Psychologist
Certified School Psychologist
Co-founder and Director of the Media office

Dr. Mary Rourke is a licensed psychologist and a certified school psychologist in Pennsylvania. She has a Ph.D. in Clinical and Developmental Psychology from Bryn Mawr College, and completed internship training at the Child Guidance Center of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). She also completed specialized fellowship training in pediatric psychology at CHOP, where she continued to work for more than 10 years, providing psychological services to families managing serious pediatric illness. Mary co-directs Dragonfly Psychological Associates, and works with children, adolescents, families, and adults to address a wide array of mental health concerns. In addition, she is an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology in Widener University’s Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology, where she also co-directs the Widener Child Therapy Clinic.

Mary has a broad range of experience working with children, adolescents, and adults around mental health issues that commonly affect today’s families, including ADHD, anxiety, depression, learning difficulties, family conflict, and behavior concerns. She has a special interest in helping children and families manage the stresses associated with serious medical illness. Mary has focused training in family therapy, and integrates cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness techniques into her work. She also provides individual therapy and parenting support. She commonly consults with school teams, pediatricians and other medical specialists, and others who are involved in the lives of the children and adolescents with whom she works.


Education and Training

Ph.D. in Clinical and Developmental Psychology, Bryn Mawr College

M.A. in Clinical and Developmental Psychology, Bryn Mawr College

B.A. in Psychology, Smith College

Predoctoral Internship at the Child Guidance Center of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Pediatric Psychology, CHOP Division of Oncology


Work Experience

Widener University, 2010-present. Associate Professor in the Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology.

Widener Child Therapy Clinic, 2011-present. Co-founder and Co-director.

Center for Child Assessment and Therapy (CCAT), 2010-2014. Psychologist

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia:
2008 – 2010, Associate Director, Behavioral Health Integrated Program
2005 – 2010, Co-Director, Predoctoral Internship Program, Department of Psychology
2004 – 2008, Director of Psychosocial Services, Division of Oncology
2000 – 2004, Psychologist, Division of Oncology

Bryn Mawr College, Department of Psychology, 2006 – 2009. Adjunct Lecturer


Recent Publications

Rourke, M.T., Samson, K.K. & Kazak, A.E. (in press). Psychological aspects of long-term survivorship. In C. Schwartz, W. Hobbie, L. Constine, & K. Ruccione (Eds.), Survivors of Childhood and Adolescent Cancer – 3rd ed., NY:  Springer.

Miller, T.A.K., Prout, M.F., Rourke, M., Lefkowitz, K. & Boyer, B. (2014). A therapist’s guide to treating grief after the loss of a pet: A three-tier model. Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin, 2(1), 38-58.

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Alderfer, M.A. & Rourke, M.T. (2009).  Family psychology in the context of pediatric medical conditions.  In J.H. Bray (Ed.), Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of family psychology.  NY:  John Wiley & Sons.

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Kazak, A.E., Kassam-Adams, N., Schneider, S., Zelikovsky, N., Alderfer, M.A., & Rourke, M.T. (2006). An integrative model of pediatric medical traumatic stress.  Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 31(4), 343-355.

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