Comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations, psycho-educational evaluations for children, teens, families, and adults.

In-person Neuropsychological Evaluations in Media and Willow Grove

We are currently conducting a full range of assessment services and have immediate availability in our Willow Grove and Media offices.

We offer several types of evaluations, including comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations, psycho-educational evaluations and ADHD diagnostic evaluations. Most families are not sure what type of evaluation is the best one for their needs – we are happy to conduct a free phone consultation to answer any questions about our evaluations and other services.

Assessments are conducted by Dr. Becca Monks and Dr. Wendy Sarkisian, licensed psychologists who received their certification in neuropsychology and are PA certified school psychologists. Our clinicians tailor their evaluation process to meet each client’s unique needs and work with families, treating professionals and school staff to gain a better understanding of a client’s functioning.

Ready to schedule a consultation? Have a question about how an evaluation can help? For more information about our assessment services, please contact us.

Comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations, psycho-educational evaluations, Media PA, Willow Grove PA

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