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Social skills and social cognition training

Many children experience difficulties in relationships with peers, including making and keeping friends and getting along with others. We provide targeted social skills training using an approach called Social Cognition Training (SCT), an evidence-based intervention designed to improve social competence by learning how to “think socially” and develop pragmatic communication skills.

SCT benefits school-age children who experience difficulties in social communication and building relationships. Training targets include perspective taking, reading social cues, conversation skills, social media use and building/maintaining friendships. Research has shown improvement in individuals diagnosed with ADHD and autism spectrum disorder who complete SCT programs.

Services are provided by our speech and language pathologist, Ashley Feinberg, M.S., CCC-SLP. Ashley completed specialized training at Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking® clinic. Treatments are tailored to the client and can be individual or group. School consultations are also available.

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